5 Steps to Creating an Inbound Marketing Campaign

Posted by Ariel Dykes on October 3, 2017

Our newest cohort of digital marketing apprentices launched in Austin this September! During their weeklong bootcamp, Cohort 6 built an inbound marketing campaign surrounding the book launch for, Courage to Grow: How Acton Academy Turns Learning Upside Down, written by Acton Academy Owner and Co-Founder, Laura Sandefer.

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Meet our New Partner MediaTech Ventures!

Posted by Brad Voeller on September 21, 2017

Looking to get more involved in the Austin and/or San Antonio tech community? We’re announcing the partnership of Digital Creative with MediaTech Ventures to facilitate the growth of Texas MediaTech ecosystems! Digital Creative CEO, Brad Voeller recently teamed up with Andrew from MediaTech Ventures to spread the word about the apprenticeship and other disruptive tech education models.

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From Discouraged Job Seeker to Experienced Digital Marketer

Posted by Ariel Dykes on September 19, 2017

When Amantha graduated college, she didn’t fully know what she wanted to do and struggled to find a meaningful job. She searched for jobs in the digital marketing space but wasn’t finding roles that aligned with her passion or her experience level.

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What is the Digital Marketing Apprenticeship?

Posted by Sarah Davis on August 24, 2017

The apprenticeship model is where you arrange life and work around learning. Learning - like sitting in a classroom all day being lectured? Not exactly. Apprenticeship is experiential where you’ll be learning through doing, taking action, and collaborating with other apprentices. 

Working + Learning + Coaching + Mentoring!

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Google Analytics in Action: Examples from Marketers

Posted by Ariel Dykes on August 8, 2017

As digital marketers, data analysis skills are essential and expected. The top tool is Google Analytics - a free web based analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic. It provides marketers with the tools to analyze and adjust marketing campaigns and website strategy. A successful campaign is more than just content, it’s about generating impressions, leads, and conversions. Marketers with an understanding of analytics can take their campaigns to the next level by understanding the data behind the campaign and determining the most successful strategy by adjusting pieces along the way. 

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How These Marketers Conquered Data Visualization in Tableau in One Month

Posted by Sarah Davis on July 27, 2017

From AdWords to social media to ecommerce data, these digital marketing apprentices transformed raw data into concise and eye-opening visualizations and dashboards. They took this data a step further and added a layer of analysis using a top data science tool, Tableau. In any digital marketing role, reporting is essential and these digital marketers learned Tableau to enhance their data visualizations and analysis. 

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