Using Scrum to Maximize your Marketing Team's Productivity

Posted by Jacqueline Villagomez on April 6, 2018

The development of a marketing campaign can be a grueling process when considering all the parts that need to be incorporated in order for the method to be successful. Marketing a new product or service can be a scary thought being that there’s no initial guaranteed profit/results. Several hours can go into a developmental plan but the outcome can still end up being less than satisfactory. Scrum is a way that your marketing team can transform their work process to be more efficient and worthwhile.

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5 Brilliant Ways Volunteering Can Help Develop Your Career

Posted by Davone Hills on March 8, 2018

Entering the working world? Thinking of making a career change? Do you need some experience or new skillsets to increase your marketability in the job hunt?

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Google Analytics in Action: Examples from Marketers

Posted by Ariel Dykes on August 8, 2017

As digital marketers, data analysis skills are essential and expected. The top tool is Google Analytics - a free web based analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic. It provides marketers with the tools to analyze and adjust marketing campaigns and website strategy. A successful campaign is more than just content, it’s about generating impressions, leads, and conversions. Marketers with an understanding of analytics can take their campaigns to the next level by understanding the data behind the campaign and determining the most successful strategy by adjusting pieces along the way. 

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How These Marketers Conquered Data Visualization in Tableau in One Month

Posted by Sarah Davis on July 27, 2017

From AdWords to social media to ecommerce data, these digital marketing apprentices transformed raw data into concise and eye-opening visualizations and dashboards. They took this data a step further and added a layer of analysis using a top data science tool, Tableau. In any digital marketing role, reporting is essential and these digital marketers learned Tableau to enhance their data visualizations and analysis. 

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Target Audience and Buyer Persona Research 101

Posted by Eric Scharf on July 25, 2017

Successful advertising and marketing campaigns use research-backed targeting to resonate with potential customers. They dedicate ample resources to discover the answers to their target audiences’ “why” and “how” questions. By fully understanding your buyer persona, or target audience, you can help campaigns reach the right audience and resonate with them. How do you get started with this research? Find out what research you’re missing, define business goals, and fill the gap!

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How to Get Started with Data Science as a Marketer

Posted by Sarah Davis on July 18, 2017

More likely than not, a profound love of math and science isn’t the reason you’re pursuing a career in marketing. Rather, writing talent, creativity, critical thinking and interpersonal skills may have led you in the direction of marketing. But are these attributes alone enough for success in the field? Probably not. The field of digital marketing has transformed into a data and technology driven industry.

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